Chifley College Bidwill Campus

Responsibility, Learning, Respect

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About our school

Chifley College Bidwill Campus is a school providing a modern, comprehensive education catering to the needs, abilities and interests of all students.

It has facilities to support learning for the 21st century and caring, highly skilled staff who are themselves, continually learning and developing their expertise across all areas of education. The school is committed to growing as a learning community where everyone feels valued, supported and safe.

We aim to challenge and guide, to inspire and support through focus on the positive and celebration of improvement. We are here to provide personally meaningful learning opportunities for everyone; to encourage a love of learning so each person can grow and contribute as a valued member of our community.

Everything that happens at Bidwill Campus is based on the core values of 'responsibility, learning and respect'. These values are the basis for the school's success and are allocated a dedicated part in the curriculum. All students in Years 7 to 10 have a one hour class each fortnight called RLR, where issues relating to the three core values are examined in open and explicit dialogue.

Learning is the central value and is given the highest priority. It is through focusing on learning that students are able to engage in the life of the school and see the value of their experiences in equipping them for the future. The values responsibility and respect form foundations of relationships in the school community where everyone is treated as a valued member of the Bidwill Campus family.

Bidwill Campus is part of the Chifley College which includes four other schools: Dunheved, Mt Druitt, Shalvey and Senior Campus. Chifley College offers opportunities for students to make choices about where to complete their senior courses and provides a wide selection of courses on offer for the HSC. The motto of the college is 'learn, discover, inspire'.

For more information about the college, please see the college website. Within Chifley College, Bidwill Campus offers a comprehensive education for students across years seven to twelve. It also has a support unit, a trade school facility (metals), a farm and highly advanced technology. The core values of the campus are responsibility, learning and respect and place an emphasis on students taking responsibility for the decisions they make about their learning and behaviour.

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