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Positive behaviour for learning

Chifley College Bidwill Campus aims to provide students with the skills and ability to lead and succeed in the school and broader community. We are dedicated to promoting respect, responsibility and learning in a safe and positive environment.


Stop, walk and talk

The ‘stop, walk and talk' strategy assists students in the management and reporting of bullying behaviours. The strategy focuses on empowering the student body to actively ask students to stop their bullying behaviour to walking away from the situation and to reporting it to a staff member.

Hands off

Positive behaviour for learning's (PBL) ‘hands off ‘ strategy reinforces the school's non-violent culture and ethos. Students and staff are encouraged to use this slogan as a reminder that we do not tolerate or condone violence in any form. Staff apply ‘hands off' when dealing with aggressive physical and non-physical behaviours in the classroom and playground.

In line on time

‘In line on time' is used by the school to promote punctuality to class. Successful application of this strategy enables staff to remind students in the playground and classroom to be on time

Stop, look and listen

The application of 'stop, look and listen' is mainly used within the class room to actively encourage appropriate listening. Students are asked to stop"what they are doing, to look at the person speaking (teacher, student or visitor) and listen attentively. The strategy is widely used and enables staff to establish positive routines.

Do now

A learning tool that aims to help get a class settled and focused on learning. ‘Do now' is used within the introductory phase of a lesson and usually consists of a revision activity. ‘Do now' also may involve assisting students in their organisation of their work. The strategy prepares students for the lesson ahead and assists the teacher in reinforcing that the focus of the class is on learning

Bin it to win it

‘Bin it to win it' uses intrinsic motivation to encourage students to care for the school environment. The strategy aims to motivate students to ‘gain a win' by actively playing a role in the clean-up and maintenance of the playground. By taking a whole-school approach to the issue of rubbish we are aiming to promote a school culture of respect and responsibility.