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School uniform

Students at Bidwill Campus are expected to be in full school uniform at school, whilst travelling to and from school, when representing the school and on school excursions. 

Parents/carers will be notified in writing of exceptions to this rule. Students change into their sports uniform at school and are not permitted to wear it to and from school. At all times, uniform should be neat, clean, modest and in good repair.

Junior uniform

  • Students are to wear the College Polo Shirt in the Campus colours (light blue).
  • Not acceptable – Plain white shirts, Senior shirts

All students are expected to:

  • Students are to wear navy blue tailored trousers/shorts. A navy skirt is acceptable; however the fabric must be non-stretch.
  • PE shorts may be worn as uniform. A change of PE shorts must be brought for PE classes.
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms may be worn. No stripes or logos.
  • Acceptable - Navy tailored pants and navy shorts
  • Not acceptable - Jeans, 3/4 length pants, stretch fabrics, grey tracksuit pants and boardshorts.


Skirts – Junior 

  • Dark navy blue with pleats, straight or A-line styles.

Not acceptable – patterned skirts, black fabric


  • College Sloppy-joe

Not acceptable – multi-coloured, patterned or hooded garments.  Black, grey and white are not acceptable either.


  • Navy blue College jackets only may be worn.
  • CHS or Regional Rep Jackets may be worn if earned. No wearing sibling's/friend's jackets.  


Not acceptable – Jackets unrelated to the College.



  • White ankle socks; dark navy blue, black or skin tone stockings.
  • Black or white shoes fully covered shoes with leather upper (as per Department of Education and Communities regulations).


Not acceptable – Coloured shoes, open footwear, multi-coloured socks.

Caps/Hats and Scarves

  • Caps/hats may be School Hat or PLAIN navy, white or black. 
  • Beanies or scarves must be navy blue.


Not acceptable – different coloured caps/hats/beanies, caps with logos, coloured scarves


The school uniform does not contain commercial logos of any kind. We have a school logo that is appropriate.


The following items may be worn under clothing for extra warmth:

  • Plain navy, white or light blue collarless t-shirts or skivvies.

Not acceptable – other coloured shirts, shirts must-not be worn over jumpers


Senior Uniform


Shirts – Senior

  • Students are to wear the College White with Navy Collar Polo Shirt or White Business Shirt and Tie.


Not acceptable – Junior Polo shirts.

Female Trousers and skirts

  • Students are to wear navy blue tailored trousers or shorts. Fabric must be non-stretch.
  • Check Skirt.
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms may be worn. No stripes or logos. 


Not acceptable – Jeans, 3/4 length pants, stretch fabrics – no tights or leggings. Not School PE Shorts

Students are to wear grey tailored trousers or grey tailored shorts.Male Trousers and shorts – Senior 

  • Navy tracksuit bottoms may be worn. No stripes or logos. 


Not acceptable – Jeans, 3/4 length pants, stretch fabrics, grey tracksuit pants and boardshorts

Sport Uniform – All Years

The following uniform must be worn during practical PE lessons and at all sporting fixtures (including Wednesday Sport and Gala Days).


  • College SPORT shirt in campus colours


  • Navy blue shorts with campus logo

Tracksuit Pants

  • Plain navy blue tracksuit pants – NO STRIPES DOWN SIDES AND NO LOGOS


  • White, ankle-length socks

Uniform Prices for 2022



Polo Shirt – School    Sizes 10- 5XL


Polo Shirt – PE          Sizes 10-4XL


Sloppy Joe                  Sizes 12-3XL


PE shorts                    Sizes 10-4XL


School Jackets           Sizes 12-5XL


School Cap

$ 10.00

Track Pants              Sizes 12-2XL


Senior Polo Shirts            Sizes 10-5XL $25.00

Senior Ties


Junior Straight Skirts         Sizes 8-20

Junior Pleated Skirts                Sizes 8-XL $40.00
Scientific Calculator $25.00
USB – 16G $6.00


Items purchased from the school require payment made by cash, cheque (payable to Chifley College Bidwill Campus).  EFTPOS/credit card payments available.


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