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Flexible timetable

Year 11 studdents have certain privileges are possible that are not available to Year 7 to 10 students at the school.

Please read the following information carefully and let us know if you have any questions or queries about these arrangements.

The following privileges apply to Year 11 and 12 students at Bidwill Campus:

  • Late arrival is allowed if their first period is a timetabled study period (sign in as "Senior Late Start")
  • Early sign-out (sign out as "Senior Early Leaved) if they have a timetabled study period at the end of the day
  • Early finish on Thursdays - all senior students finish at 1.30pm (after period 4).
  • Part-day sign out (using the sign out book in the Front Office) during the day if they have a study period 2, 3 or 4. In this instance they may leave the school grounds and return for their timetabled classes later in the day.

These privileges are only offered to Year 11 and 12 students under the following circumstances:

  • Students must go to all their timetabled classes, even if their teacher is absent. Students may be able to stay in their timetabled classroom if this is the case, and classwork will be provided. In situations where students are not able to stay in the classroom when their teacher is away, students will complete work in the library or the Senior COLA.
  • Students cannot use the excuse that they were not on the school grounds as a reason for arriving late to a timetabled class
  • The sign-out book or the computerised sign out procedures at the Front Office must be used by senior students when leaving the school grounds early. This is for safety reasons such as evacuations or other unforseen events.

Please note: Student attendance is printed on student half-yearly and yearly reports as "number of unexplained days absent" as well as "number of unexplained days partially absent". This is frequently viewed by potential employers as an indication of reliability and work ethic, Attending school and being on time are extremely important.

If students misuse these privileges the flexible timetable arrangement will be reviewed and may result in returning to the policy of remaining at school in the library or the senior COLA during all study periods.

Note: Students must not linger in the following areas when they have a study period:

  • the back oval and surrounding areas near Kidd Close
  • walkways and pathways surrounding the school
  • the car park surrounding the Clock Hotel and Bidwill Square
  • local shops eating take away food in large groups
  • local parks and children's play areas.