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Library Services

Chifley College Bidwill Campus Library is a dynamic, multipurpose space on the second floor of our shared library building.

The library includes a variety of spaces and services for students and staff.

It currently hosts :

  • The Physical Library Collection
  • Two Computer Labs
  • The Library Classroom
  • The Careers/Transition Office

The Library provides a space for learning during classtimes, an area for research and homework during recess and lunch, a study space for seniors during their study periods as well as providing a number of social and relaxation activities for students such as puzzles, colouring and games groups.


The Teacher Librarian

The Teacher Librarian supervises and faciltates the use of the library space . They also oversee the library collection and related digital collections and services for staff and students including access to Clickview, World Book Online and Wheelers Eplatform.

Particular areas of Teacher Librarian expertise include:

  • Research Skills/Information Literacy
  • Referencing
  • Plagarism & Copyright
  • Digital Creation Tools
  • Literature across the Curriculum

The Teacher Librarian supports students and staff through collaborating and coteaching with other teachers during lessons and providing students with assistance during their recess, lunch and study periods.

The Teacher Librarian also creates, maintains and updates the library website with more detailed information on Library services and facilties  and links to many different online resources to support students including pages on:

  • Library Access Information
  • Information Literacy (Research Skills)
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Plagarism & Copyright
  • Reading Suggestions & Related links
  • Referencing ( Bibliographies and Citation)
  • Suggested Information Sources for assessments

Visit our Library Homepage to begin.