Chifley College Bidwill Campus

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Our Collection

Chifley College Bidwill Campus has a dynamic and diverse collection to cater for all students in the school community.

This includes resources avaliable in physical and digital formats as well as audio-visual collections.


Physical Collection

The library physical collection includes:

  • Fiction 
  • Graphic Novels, Comics and Mangas
  • Picture Books
  • Non-Fiction
  • Magazines
  • References materials such as Atalses and Enclyclopedias
  • HSC Study Guides
  • PlayAway Audio Players

Digital Collection

The schools digital collection supports and expands the materials avaliable to students including:

Special Collections

Special Collections in our Library engage students with our diverse community and expand their knowledge of their world.

Special Collections include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island History, Culture and Fiction
  • Pacific Island History, Culture and Fiction.
  • New Zealand History, Culture and Fiction.
  • School Archive

To see some of our new and most popular items , a preview of our special collections and extra resources on Reading, visit our dedicated reading page at our library website